Krotch: Behind the Seams, is a Hilarious cult classic comedy movie in the Spirit of Tenacious-D, Rocky Horror Picture show, and Spinal Tap - about the International supergroup “KROTCH” And the ups and downs so to speak, that the band deals with in the ever hectic and unpredictable music biz.
Tee Sack, founder and creator of “KROTCH”, gets trapped in America while attending his beloved Granma Sacks funeral. He finds himself Severed from his over the top Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll filled life style due to a devastating and Horrific “Tragedy”.
With no hope on the horizon Penniless, destitute, homeless and... “stuck in this hell hole called Bake-O-Ville!”
Can Tee Sack, with help from his new found “Manager“ Brandon, climb from the depths of despair and escape Bakersfield? rebuild the band? and reclaim the fame and fortune of their former glamorous “Rock-God” life-style?

Because everyone has one...

Relax, Tee... It's a party.


Krotch count? ...That's my job?
No. 1 Rule is to take a drink every time you see or hear the word KROTCH.


This could be your last chance to redeem yourself from all your past screw-ups!


The first Movie Trailer now available on

New 3:min. 30:sec. version!

You will have a front row seat to see KROTCH on this amazing hilarious journey


And I'm stuck in this hell hole called "Bake-O-Ville"!

Can it get any worse?


The Auditions Flier Scene

Shot on location in various sites in and around Bakersfield, California. Look for the places you know and love.

Brandon persuades Tee, in to replacing the entire band with "look a likes" to fill the role of the International Super Group: KROTCH.

"It's easy! All we need to do now is... just hold an audition here in Bakersfield to find exactly the right guys to fill the boots of the greatest Rock-Band the world had ever seen...
Let's put up a few fliers!"

Three Ring Circus is a limited liability conglomerate composed of a partnership with, Universal Media & Talent, and On The Rise Records

Tee Sack
CEO of: On The Rise Records

Tee Sack is a little immature sometimes and gets very cranky if he has not had his afternoon nap.

Brandon Manning
CEO of: Universal Media & Talent

Brandon Manning could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, so never buy a used car from him.

Eric James Swearingen
CEO of:

Eric James can not understand how he got talked into doing this project with two complete idiots.

The DVD of KROTCH: Behind The Seams
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Check back time and again for information and links to where you can get your limited edition commemorative box set, including the CD "Hotdogs & Tacos" with KROTCH's greatest International platinum hits.

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